Floral City Tree & Landscape


  • Put burlap windscreens around less hardy plants if they’re in exposed areas.

  • Use a broom to brush snow away from evergreen trees gently, to keep the weight from breaking the limbs.

  • If ice or snow does break tree limbs, have the limbs removed as soon as weather permits – damaged trees are prone to diseases.

  • Winter is a good time to prune deciduous trees.  Without foliage, the branching structure and any potential problems are easier to see.

  • Winter is the only time for pruning trees susceptible to wilt and other diseases that are insect-born as the insects are less active at that time.

  • Putting markers at the edge of your lawn will help you avoid damaging it when you’re shoveling snow.

  • Use only non-salt de-icers for sidewalks and driveways, so the runoff doesn’t harm plants. Salt will damage grass, perennials, and shrubs, and will keep the plants from absorbing much-needed water.

  • Check any perennial plants during periods of thawing soil to see if roots have popped out of the ground. If they have, gently push them back into place, and add mulch.

  • Think about getting lawn equipment repaired and ready for spring.  You might even find shops offering discounts for work!