Floral City Tree & Landscape


  • Fall is for planting!  Many trees and shrubs do best going in at this time of the year.

  • And don’t forget the bulbs-nothing is more welcome after winter than the first bright color of crocus, daffodils, and tulips.

  • Water trees and shrubs which have been thoroughly mulched before the first frost.

  • But don’t over water! Plants and shrubs should be expected to look a little brown  in September and October.

  • Does your soil need improving before you plant fall bulbs? Shredded oak leaves from healthy trees can be worked in to add organic material to enrich your soil.  

  • Cut the grass a bit shorter just before winter to prevent its matting under snow.

  • Take care to sufficiently water your lawn as it prepares for its dormancy.

  • Fall feeding delivers nutrients to the root system-let us show you which of your trees would benefit from this.

  • Fertilize your lawn around Thanksgiving to promote strong root growth during winter

  • Around the same time, apply an anti-dessicant to your broad-leaved evergreens such as boxwood and holly to prevent winter burn.